Marek Pruszyński Ph.D.

Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology
Centre of Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry
Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory
tel.: + 48 22 504 11 39

2003–2008 Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Department of Radiochemistry – Ph.D. thesis Complexes of 211At as precursors of radiopharmaceuticals.
1997–2002 University of Białystok, Faculty of Biology and Chemistry – M.Sc. thesis Ion-selective electrode for potentiometric determination of L-dopa in stationary and flow-injection conditions
Research Interests:
  • Alpha emitting radionuclides, particularly 211At, 225Ac, 212Pb, 212/213Bi
  • Chemistry of iodine and astatine
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals
  • Labeling of biomolecules (peptides, monoclonal antibodies, nanobodies, affibodies etc)
  • In vitro (binding affinity, internalization, toxicity) and in vivo (tissue biodistribution and PET/SPECT imaging) studies
Scientific visits and interships:
2003,2004,2005 Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, Cracow, Poland: astatine chemistry
2003, 2004 Institute for Transuranium Elements, Karlsruhe, Germany: actinide chemistry
2004, 2005 Joint Institute of Nuclear Researches, Dubna, Russia: Infeld-Bogolubov Scholarship; astatine chemistry
2006 Duke University Medical Center, Durham, USA: Polish-American Fulbright Foundation; 211At complexes with metal cations
2005,2007 Institute of Nuclear Physics Czech Academy of Sciences, Řež, Czechy: IAEA Scholarship; estimation of cross-section values for production of Tc radionuclides from Mo targets; astatine chemistry
2008,2009 Institute of Nuclear Chemistry, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany: Marie Curie Host Fellowships for Transfer of Knowledge of the 6th Framework Programme of European Commission; and COST BM0607 Action; development of 44Ti/44Sc radionuclide generator and application of 44Sc for PET examinations
2009,2010 Institute of Organic Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland: organic syntheses of macrocyclic and acyclic sulphur ligands
2010–2013 Duke University Medical Center, Durham, USA: Postdoctoral Associate, peptides synthesis, labeling of biomolecules with diagnostic and therapeutic radionuclides (123/124/125/131I, 211At, 18F, 67/68Ga, 177Lu), in vitro and in vivo studies.
List of Publications
  1. M. Pruszynski, A. Bilewicz, B. Was , B. Petelenz. Stability of astatine-mercury complexes. J Radioanal Nucl Chem 2006;268:91–4.
  2. E. Wołyniec, M. Wysocka, M. Pruszyński, A. Kojło. Batch and flow-injection determination of catecholamines using ion selective electrodes. Instrum Science Tech 2007;35:241–53.
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  4. O. Lebeda, M. Pruszyński. New measurement of excitation functions for (p,x) reactions on natMo with special regard to the formation of 95mTc, 96m+gTc, 99mTc and 99Mo. Appl Radiat Isot 2010;68:2355–65.
  5. M. Pruszyński, N.S. Loktionova, D.V. Filosofov, F. Rösch. Post-elution processing of 44Ti/44Sc generator-derived 44Sc for clinical application. Appl Radiat Isot 2010;68:1636–41.
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