Przemysław Koźmiński, Ph.D.

Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology
Centre of Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry
Dorodna 16
03-195 Warsaw
Tel. + 48 22 5041011
e-mail: ;

2007 – 2012 INCT Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Warsaw – Ph.D. studies Centre of Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry, Ph.D. thesis title: “Synthesis and physicochemical properties of conjugates technetium-99m complexes with n-octanoyl-[Ser3]-ghrelin(1-6) peptide as potential diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals”
1999 - 2004 University of Warsaw, Faculty of Chemistry, Laboratory for Flow Analysis and Chromatography Master thesis title: “Preconcentration of trace analytes by Batch injection analysis”

HPLC (Empower Waters; EZChrome Elite Merck), TLC, IR, UV-Vis, cell culture

Field of interest
  • Technetium and rhenium chemistry
  • Labelling of antibiotics for infection imaging
  • Gold nanoparticles labelled with astatine-211
Publication (selected)
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  2. E. Gniazdowska, P. Koźmiński, K. Bańkowski, W. Łuniewski, L. Królicki, Eur. J. Med. Chem.  87 (2014) 493-499
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