Membrane Processes Division

The activity of the Membrane Process Division is focused on application of separation processes and use of knowledge about them in science and economy. One of the main activity fields of the Division is application of membrane methods as an effective way of separation of media of any composition.
In its activities, the Division focuses mainly on nuclear chemistry and the ability of separation processes application in nuclear power sector being currently implemented in our country. Membrane, sorptive and extraction technologies are used among others to separate isotopes, rendering liquid nuclear waste harmless and treatment of water intended for power sector purposes. Basic research and development tasks that are done in the Division lead to development of Process Flow Diagrams enriched with engineering and economical analysis leading to industrial applications.
Among the fields of interest of the Division there are also fuel cycle issues, especially the ability to obtain uranium from domestic resources, including waste raw materials. Rational management or resources combined with recycling of precious and critical metals (REE, uranium, thorium) is another activity area of the Division.

Main targets of our Division activities are:

  • Promotion of nuclear chemistry and separation processes in science, industry and environmental protection,
  • Use of separation processes for obtaining raw materials for nuclear power sector purposes,
  • Application of membrane methods in processing of liquid industrial waste, including radioactive waste,
  • Application of hydrometallurgy processes for recovery of metals from recyclables,
  • Research of engineering barriers of nuclear waste storage sites
  • Radionuclide migration modeling in the surroundings of nuclear waste storage sites.